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"the cornerstone of justice is hard work, experience and persistence. It is not a gift, it must be earned."
Gerald E Bourque is a dedicated litigator serving the greater houston area

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This office has engaged in a wide range of litigation. Few, if any, lawyers in the State of Texas have been lead counsel in both wrongful death, personal injury litigation and capital murder criminal defense. Fewer still can combine this litigation history with a range of appellate experience: civil trial litigation appeals, prosecution of the writ of mandamus through the appellate court against a sitting trial judge, successful appeals involving the complex issues of civil rights, and criminal appellate matters. See the appellate section for more information of reported opinions.

(Drug Offenses, DWI, Homicide, Burglary, Theft, Assault)


It is an unfortunate reality that our clients, and their families, or friends, may find themselves with a criminal problem. Often clients are unaware of the enormous consequences that society today places on alleged violators of our criminal law. In that time, when clients are least prepared for such a situation, they should be assured that this firm is equipped to immediately react.

Criminal statutes often provide for mandatory jail for violation of the law involving drugs, weapons and certain violent crimes. The law also has sentencing guidelines which require the attorney to have particularized knowledge to competently represent the client.

There are also available to the client diversionary programs such as pretrial intervention and conditional discharge. The risks facing our clients in this area include loss of personal freedom, significant fines, probation and the loss of driving privileges. Also, a conviction of a criminal charge will significantly impact employment and professional opportunities for our clients.


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Our practice includes the prosecution of motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury claims. Personal injury cases are a time when our clients have suffered injury due to the conduct of others. At this time, our clients often suffer disabling injury, monetary loss and a disruption in their daily life. The stress upon them, and their families, is often extreme during these trying times.

It is important for our clients to realize that retaining a lawyer as soon as possible after suffering an injury is critical.


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(What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?)

A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal action brought in court to recover compensation for the loss of a loved one. The lawsuit is based upon the fault of the persons or business entities contributing to the cause of the death. This fault may be based upon negligence (carelessness or recklessness), or even an intentional death.

FAMILY LAW (Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony)

This area of law is among the most personal and difficult in the practice. It requires the daily attention of the staff, whether it be the attorney responsible for the case, an attorney available in the event of an emergency, a paralegal or a secretary. There is always a staff member available to provide assistance in the event an emergency arises.

We are committed to assisting our clients at this difficult time in their lives with highly professional, knowledgeable and respected legal assistance.


Our office provides the highest level of representation for defendants charged with DWI. We also work to reform unduly harsh and punitive DWI laws and procedures.

DWI is a serious offense. Our philosophy is that you cannot win a DWI case unless you try to win. For this reason, we try almost all of our cases to a verdict unless a better result can be achieved without trial. We make the State prove its case both in trial and in pre-trial suppression motions. We search for all possible evidence which might make the difference in winning a case. We vigorously cross-examine police officers regarding field sobriety tests and observations claimed to suggest intoxication. We focus on whether or not breath test results and field sobriety tests have been correctly administered. The fact that you may have taken the breath test does not doom your case.


(Wills, Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Directive to Physicians, Probate Matters)

All too many people ignore this important measure because they think it is too complicated or only meant for the very rich. In truth, everyone should be planning for the administration and protection of their assets during their lifetime, as well as the direction and disposition of their personal and business assets upon their death.


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DWI attorney homicide attorneys burgulary attorney theft attorneys


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