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"the cornerstone of justice is hard work, experience and persistence. It is not a gift, it must be earned."
Gerald E Bourque is a dedicated litigator serving the greater houston area

AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell
Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association - 2019 Lawyer of the Year

This website is dedicated to helping people like you make important decisions concerning your case and choice of counsel.

Since 1979 Gerald Bourque, a lawyer dedicated to litigation, has provided private legal counsel to private citizens in the Greater Houston area. His law practice in The Woodlands, Texas encompasses wrongful death, personal injury litigation, criminal litigation and divorce. Additionally, he has a well-rounded appellate record. You can click the pertinent section of this website to get an idea of the professional service to be expected when hiring his office to assist you.

Simply hiring a lawyer does not promise competent, effective, reliable and aggressive representation. This website gives you as much information on Gerald Bourque as possible without complicating the decision-making process.

When adversity requires litigation by a seasoned lawyer, whether on a first-time or subsequent basis, the shock, anxiety and multitude of concerns racing through your mind can be stifling. How will my family, career and life be affected? Who can really help me at this point? The decisions you make about your situation can literally change your life. Whether it is a trial or a settled dispute, it is your life and/or liberty at stake.

We have a collaborative relationship with our clients, who are encouraged to actively participate in their cases, help gather information, and organize it for trial.

"I am proud of my family, certifications, community reputation, professional reputation, and AV rating with Martindale-Hubbell. It takes decades of hard work to amass a resume of professional success. You will agree, after viewing this website, that I have a resume of professional success serving the Greater Houston area."
  - Gerald Bourque

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Testimonial: Cecelia

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Testimonial: Frank

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DWI attorney homicide attorneys burgulary attorney theft attorneys


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